Quality Policies

Emaar Square aims at achieving the best organization that meets and exceeds customer expectations through improved management and performance, increased productivity, better coordination, high quality and greater focus on business objectives which include the following:

  • Aim to achieve best practice.
  • Deliver better than expected product.
  • Ensure improved customer satisfaction and relationships.
    ( plan – do – check – act )

Emaar Square aims to implement continuous improvement by:

  • Establishment, review of objectives in related areas.
  • Provide staff with training, techniques and authorities to resolve problem.
  • Involving staff at all levels in a constant search for improvement or innovation towards enhancing productivity, reduce waste and attaining higher quality services and products.
  • Emaar Square believes that delivering consistently improved quality products and services to customers at competitive prices and within the stipulated timing is the way to survive in today’s marketplace.

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